Axence nVision
Axence nVision. Zrzut ekranowy.

Monitoring and inventory

Router, server, switch and application parameters at your fingertips. Gather complete information on the software and hardware configuration and installed programs.

Everything about your employees

Monitor the activity of your employees and help them solve their issues. With remote access to workstations, register requests and solve them using the HelpDesk system.


Protect your company against data leaks. Manage portable data media access rights. Avoid the consequences of a hardware failure.

Five Modules of nVision

Network discovery and visualization

  • periodic discovery of network devices, recognizing networks with sub-networks
  • presentation of the discovered devices on interactive maps with the most important status details
  • detection of TCP/IP services operating on a device
  • prioritization of devices on user-defined maps
  • user-defined and smart maps (for devices meeting the specified criteria)

Network monitoring

  • monitoring of network devices with use of TCP/IP, SNMP and WMI protocols
  • supervising the work of Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac operating systems, printers, switches, routers and UPS devices
  • monitoring Windows system and application parameters (MS Exchange, MS SQL and other)
  • monitoring Windows event log and system services
  • monitoring availability and contents of websites

Server room monitoring

  • protecting servers against HVAC failure, flooding and fire
  • monitoring temperature, humidity, voltage; smoke, flooding detectors, etc.
  • access control: door/window opening detector, broken window pane detector
  • we recommend HW-Group probes or any other model supporting SNMP
  • alerts triggered when critical values exceeded

Port mapping

  • monitoring routers and switches, MRTG
  • port status information
  • changes of network interface statuses
  • list of devices connected to a specific port
  • network traffic on a specific port
  • collecting MAC addresses on the know address list
  • discovering devices not present on the known devices list
  • information updated even with accuracy of up to one minute

Alerts and corrective actions

  • information regarding maxing-out hard disk capacity, server overload, link overload, printer toner depleting, etc.
  • notifications via: on-screen message, e-mail, SMS via e-mail and GSM phone (gateway), Syslog, speech synthesis, wake-on-LAN, SNMP trap
  • automatic corrective actions: system closing/restart, Windows service launched/stopped/restarted, running scripts


  • a wide selection of charts and reports, creating new charts and reports
  • historical and real-time charts
  • system runtime report: memory, disk and CPU usage, network interface load, network transfer, etc.
  • services and application reports: response time, packets lost, operating parameters for MS SQL, Exchange and other

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