About us

Helping IT departments work smarter, not harder

In the face of the rapid increase in the sophistication of computer networks, we decided to create network monitoring & management solutions that will facilitate your work and solve all your problems.

Our permanent aspiration - to create an innovative, best-in-class solution that matches the expectations of diverse clients from network administrators to the most demanding professionals and CEOs.

Axence Software, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 2005. We are committed to excellence in the research and development of innovative network management solutions. Our offer is mainly targeted towards companies and institutions of all profiles. Thousands of people all over the world already use Axence programs and our products installed base is constantly growing - we have already registered more than 500,000 installations.

Trusted by: Nestle, Puma, Siemens, NBC Universal, U.S. Air Force, YMCA

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